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Rebellions and Revolutions
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Rebellions and Revolutions: China from the 1800s to 2000

This is a study of China from the 1800s to the present day. It focuses on China's problems of development - the decay and collapse of the Chinese Empire, its failure to recover in the first half of the twentieth century, and its rapid emergence in world affairs since the Communist Party Revolution of 1949. This new edition examines economic growth, updates Chinese foreign policy, provides a revised account of the Tiananmen Incident, and brings the chronology completely up to date.

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Information Technology in a Global Society

Information Technology in a Global Society is the first textbook written specifically for the new IB ITGS syllabus, covering IT systems, social impacts and ethical issues, and each area of application. The text provides engaging content that blends clear examples of technical concepts with consideration of social issues. Discussion points for extended independent learning and complete, modern examples are included to enhance teaching and understanding, and ensure students get the best possible experience from the ITGS course. A free sample chapter is available on the book's web site, Textbook features include: Clear objectives for each chapter, tied directly to the ITGS syllabus, so you can be sure that all aspects of the course are being covered. Course content is explained through clear and up to date examples, plus historical context. Over 200 varied exercises, mixing ethical discussion points, classroom exercises, practical activities, and exam style questions to cover the syllabus content from a variety of assessment angles. Theory of Knowledge (TOK) links are included, enabling integration with the IB core hexagon. Common mistakes and misconceptions are highlighted so students can avoid them. Key language review for every chapter, plus a complete glossary of ITGS terminology. Over 300 diagrams, photographs, and illustrations to bring topics alive. Fully cited examples in every chapter mean students can extend their learning with wider reading-an essential part of IB courses. Free online support to extend learning with additional case studies, links, and activities (

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Fullsicle ™ Harps

Plays in all Keys. The Fullsicle™ Harp is our most popular and top selling harp. This harp comes outfitted with a full set of Rees Levers on all strings, allowing access to all keys. The Fullsicle™ Harp is well loved by skilled amateurs and played by traveling professionals all over the world. Available in color finishes or natural maple.

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The Key to Spanish Grammar

One in a series of Grammar books for Key Stages 3 and 4, this essential Spanish resource provides all the grammar needed to take students through to GCSE examinations.

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Practice In Spanish Grammar

Practice in Spanish Grammar provides an introduction to the more formal grammatical knowledge required for advanced examinations in Spanish, bridging the gap from the informal learning styles of the first years of Spanish.

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Selected Stories of Lu Xun

A collection of 13 essays by Lu Xun, the Father of the Modern Chinese literature.

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Poetry For Pleasure

Poetry for Pleasure is a friendly and accessible introduction to poetry for junior secondary students. It offers a rich and varied selection of poems, chosen for their quality, interest and relevance to th students own lives.

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Four Continents with CD

Four Continents with CD

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A View From The Bridge

A View From The Bridge

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Chemistry Matters GCE O Level, 2nd Edition

Chemistry Matters GCE O Level, 2nd Edition

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A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man portrays Stephen Dedalus’s Dublin childhood and youth, providing an oblique self-portrait of the young James Joyce. At its center are questions of origin and source, authority and authorship, and the relationship of an artist to his family, culture, and race. Exuberantly inventive, this coming-of-age story is a tour de force of style and technique.

Only $$ 14.50 (include GST )

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

This brutal, shattering glimpse of the fate of millions of Russians under Stalin shook Russia and shocked the world when it first appeared.

Only $$ 23.00 (include GST )

The Real Story of Ah-Q and Other Tales of China: The Complete Fiction of Lu Xun

The most hated man in the village had been beaten to death . . . and some of the villagers had dug out his heart and liver, then fried and eaten them, for courage

Only $$ 24.00 (include GST )

The Complete Greek Tragedies: Sophocles I: Oedipus The King, Oedipus at Colonus, Antigone

"A boon for classicists and general readers alike. For the reader who comes to tragedy for the first time, these translations are eminently accessible, and consummately American in tone and feeling. For the classicist, these versions constitute an ambitious reinterpretation of traditional masterpieces; after 2,500 years, the poetry of Euripides and Aeschylus has found a new voice-in fact, ten of them."-"Boston Book Review"

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Burning Your Boats: Collected Short Stories

The essential collection of short stories by a daring, joyful writer

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Selected Poems

One of the major poets of Romanticism, Wordsworth epitomized the spirit of his age with his celebration of the natural world and the spontanous expression of feeling.

Only $$ 19.00 (include GST )

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead is a play which, as it were, takes place in the wings of Hamlet, and finds both humour and poignancy in the situation of the ill-fated attendant lords.

Only $$ 17.95 (include GST )

Long Days Journey Into Night

Long Days Journey into Night was written in 1940 but not staged until 1956, after ONeills death. Unashamedly autobiographical, it is, as he puts it himself in the dedicatory note, a play of old sorrow, written in tears and blood, a harrowing attempt to understand himself and his family.

Only $$ 16.00 (include GST )

Master Harold and the Boys

This play about a young white boy and two African servants is at once a compelling drama of South African apartheid and a universal coming-of-age story. Originally produced in 1982, it is now an acknowledged classic of the stage, whose themes of injustice, racism, friendship, and reconciliation traverse borders and time.

Only $$ 19.00 (include GST )

The Outsiders

In this most memorable of existential novels, Camus pits the lone and courageous individual against the benign indifference of the universe. Meursaults deception perfectly reflects the absurdity of life.

Only $$ 18.00 (include GST )

Wide Sargasso Sea

Jean Rhyss late, literary masterpiece, Wide Sargasso Sea, was inspired by Charlotte Brontës Jane Eyre, and is set in the lush, beguiling landscape of Jamaica in the 1830s.

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Modern Classics: Antigone was originally produced in Paris in 1942, when France was occupied and part of Hitlers Europe.

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The Duchess of Malfi

Early Modern Drama: The Duchess of Malfi is one of the major tragedies of the early modern period and remains popular in the theatre as well as in the classroom. The story of the Duchess’s secret marriage and the cruel revenge of her brothers has fascinated and appalled audiences for centuries.

Only $$ 18.00 (include GST )

Paradise of the Blind: A Novel

Paradise of the Blind is an exquisite portrait of three Vietnamese women struggling to survive in a society where subservience to men is expected and Communist corruption crushes every dream.

Only $$ 22.00 (include GST )

As You LIke It

Arden Shakespeare With its explorations of sexual ambivalence, As You Like It speaks directly to the twenty-first century.

Only $$ 18.00 (include GST )

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Mark Twains tale of a boys picaresque journey down the Mississippi on a raft conveyed the voice and experience of the American frontier as no other work had done before.

Only $$ 21.00 (include GST )

The Art of Travel

Alain de Bottons bestselling The Art of Travel provides invaluable insights into everything from holiday romance to hotel mini-bars, airports to sight-seeing. The perfect antidote to those guides that tell us what to do when we get there, The Art of Travel tries to explain why we really went in the first place - and helpfully suggests how we might be happier on our journeys.

Only $$ 30.00 (include GST )

Mind Explosion: Max Out Your Brain For Exam Success

There are 2 types of "Mind Explosion" that you experience when you walk into an Exam Hall.

Either your brain feels overloaded, panics and explodes in all the wrong direction OR your mind is fully prepared, armed and ready to face any question, answering it to a very high standard.

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The Father

Strinberg, August