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The Brilliant!™ Harpsicle® Harp

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The Brilliant!™ Harpsicle® Harp is the next step forward in light lever harps. This floor-harp has a gigantic voice that retains all the character and warmth of an all-wood instrument while being lightweight enough to easily take to virtually any location. We began the Brilliant!™ project in response to specific requests from customers and we are so excited about it! The Brilliant!™ Harpsicle® Harp includes a professional quality pickup and pre-amp and there is a quarter inch jack in the back of the harp to make plug and play both fast and easy. When we first started building harps, in 1972, players expected 36 strings and big harps. The harps were heavy too. In the mid-1990s William Rees, our master luthier, was one of only a handful of builders who began thinking about lighter, truly portable harps. All of the harps in our Rees Concert Harps line reflect this aesthetic. But we wanted to go even further so in 2003, William introduced the Harpsicle® Harp to the world...and things went crazy. Suddenly everyone wanted ultra-light weight, highly portable harps. Which brings us to the Brilliant!™ Harpsicle® Harp. At 34 strings and with a massive voice, the Brilliant!™ weighs a mere 15 lbs. (6.80 kg). There are a couple of lighter harps in this range but not ones which are also entirely made of wood–and wood matters. Carbon fiber harps, even those with wood soundboards, simply do not voice with the clarity and character of wood harps. You know this is true because while carbon fiber guitars have been around for many decades no guitar professional goes into the studio to record with one. No one. There are specific, scientific reasons why this is so but suffice to say that it has long been widely accepted. So, wood matters and that is why we worked so hard to develop a light harp with a wonderful voice which you can still grab even when you need to make a quick escape. (*wink*) 34-string floor harp 15 lbs. (6.80 kg) 54" tall (137.16 cm) pick-up and pre-amp included 2 year warranty 4.75 octaves, A to C The Brilliant!™ comes complete with full Rees sharping levers, has a true pro-quality pickup and preamp system built-in and is available in cherry, walnut, natural maple, black, white, red, blue, purple and pink.