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iChinese Book 3 (爱汉语 第三册)

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ISBN: 9789814792530
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Publisher: Cengage Learning Asia
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iChinese Book 3 (爱汉语 第三册) is a coursebook based on the new syllabus for International Baccalaureate® (IB) Language B Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL). It consists of 10 units that are organized according to themes. Structured in a way that caters to the learning needs at different levels (SL and HL), each unit contains three main reading passages and one main passage for SL and HL respe ctively. These passages are carefully selected to reflect authentic language use in the Chinese-speaking world as well as to introduce students to interesting aspects of Chinese culture and communities. Following each passage are important vocabulary with pinyin and English translation, explanations of useful language points, as well as plenty of class and post-lesson exercises and activities to reinforce learning. Additional practices in listening, speaking, reading and writing are offered after the main reading passages. All exercises are modelled on the exam question types in the new IB syllabus. Theme based—All units are organized according to the prescribed themes of Identities and Experiences in the new IB syllabus. The remaining three themes of Sharing the Planet, Social Organization and Human Ingenuity are covered iChinese Book 4. Ready to use—Class and post-lesson activities and exercises are provided in each unit, making it easy and convenient for teachers to plan their lessons; Assessments—All assessment formats and requirements of the IB examination are covered; New listening component—Listening exercises based on the question types in the new IB examination are featured; New writing requirement—Up-to-date essay question types, all IB required registers, and students’ sample essays are provided for reference; Vocabulary and grammar—Useful thematic vocabulary and concise grammar explanations are given for easy understanding; Online instructor resources—Full answer key as well as tape script and audio files for the listening exercises are available for free download. Visit Theme 1 : 身份认同 Identities Unit 1 : 生活方式 Lifestyle Unit 2 : 健康和幸福 Health and Well-being Unit 3 : 信念和价值观 Beliefs and Values Unit 4 : 次文化 Subcultures Unit 5 : 语言与身份认同 Language and Identity Theme 2 : 体验 Experiences Unit 1 : 休闲活动 Leisure Activities Unit 2 : 假日和旅行 Holidays and Travel Unit 3 : 生活故事 Life Stories Unit 4 : 风俗与传统 Customs and Traditions Unit 5 : 迁移 Migration 附录 Appendices 1. 写作文体与学生范文(第一部分) Writing Text Types & Students’ Model Essays (Part 1) 2. 生词索引Vocabulary Index