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轻松学中文 (课本)Easy Steps to Chinese vol.7 – Textbook

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ISBN: 9787561927915
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Format: Paperback
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As the seventh textbook of Easy Steps to Chinese, it covers issues favored by high school students, including application for college, election of a student association, differences between Chinese and Western culture, advantages and disadvantages of the Internet, healthy entertainment activities, challenges facing education, and environmental protection. In addition, it introduces information on Chinese culture they are concerned with, such as changes in the structures of Chinese family, travel around Su Zhou and Hang Zhou, and celebrated Chinese. The book is designed to help them transit from high school to college in language and thoughts. Furthermore, each lesson is matched with exercises including oral warming-up, difficult language points (grammar and exercises), practical application (speaking and writing training), reading comprehension (two passages and exercises), all of which will effectively help students apply what they learn to practical use.