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ISBN: 9789620447037
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Publisher: Joint Publishing
Format: Paperback
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《展望》是為學習IGCSE 0523和IBDP Chinese B SL的學生編寫的,共有兩冊,配有錄音等電子資源。Future is a set of coursebooks specially written for students who are learning IGCSE 0523 and IBDP Chinese B Standard Level courses.It contains two volumes accompanied by digital resources such a s recordings.本書特色 T h e C o u r s e F eat u r e s話題:全面覆蓋IGCSE和IBDP大綱規定的各大主題和高頻話題。Topics:In accordance with all the themes and important topics involved by IGCSE 0523 and IBDP Chinese B’s test syllabus.練習:聽、說、讀、寫的練習嚴格按照大綱和考試的要求編寫。Exercises: Exercises of speaking, listening, reading and writing are closely related to the test syllabus and examination requirements.探究:利用探究問題,加強學生的概念性理解。Inquiry: Enhancing students’ conceptual understanding by inquiry questions.文化:介紹中國傳統文化和當代社會,帶領學生全面認識中國。Culture: Leading students to understand China comprehensively by introducing Chinese traditional culture and contemporary society.