Q: What should I do if the books which I am looking for and want to order are not available on www.teamway.com.sg?

A: You may email us the Titles, ISBN numbers and Authors and Quantity of the books which you wish to order. Please email to: books@teamway.com.sg

Q: What if the book I ask Teamway to find is out of print and no longer available?

A: We are also able to find and sell used copies of books that you may need. If we could find such stocks, we will send you a quotation for the price as well.

Q: Will the cost of delivering the products which I ordered be the same regardless of the quantity I have purchased?

A: Yes, the cost is only $6.00 (inclusive of GST) per delivery.

Q: Why should I register as a member of www.teamway.com.sg when I can just buy the products without doing so?

A: You should join as a member because we will e-mail our special promotion for members only directly to you.