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A Time to Heal…
Harp playing relaxes, energizes, soothes, and heals the youngest of children and oldest of adults.
• Releases emotional pain, anxiety, fear…
• Improves short-term memory and attention span
• Increases social interaction
• Builds self-esteem
Relieves stress


This is Beth, your creative, therapeutic folk harp practitioner, with certification to play the small therapy harp, between 22 and 26 strings Like most harp players, I started out on the bigger floor/lever harp until one day, it hit me, that I could use the small, therapy folk harp better as it’s more versatile and user-friendly. For one, it’s lighter and portable, but it is just as sturdy and durable, if handled with TLC (tender, loving care). My first Fullsicle harp is 5 years now, and counting 🙂

As a creative folk harper, I can create and improvise my own style of playing that is more pleasant and pleasing to the ear, the weary soul and the troubled spirit. As a folk harper, I can continue keep this vision alive, which is to ‘Promote the tradition, beauty and joy of the folk harp in all aspects, and to all ages’ (a quote from the FOLK HARP JOURNAL).

What’s the difference between a ‘Harpist and a harper’? A rather interesting definition on harpist vs harper, went to A harpist is a person who plays a harp, while a harper is a harpist! (